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“…U.K.-based Vertical Aerospace is one of the front-runners in the eVTOL industry, recently stepping up its flight test activities with its VX4 eVTOL prototype last year. As the company plans to progress through its flight test campaign in 2023, we spoke to Andrew Macmillan, the company’s chief strategy officer, to learn more about its program.

Alex Scerri: Andrew, can you give us a brief overview of your path to Vertical Aerospace and your outlook for advanced air mobility (AAM)?

Andrew Macmilllan: I’ve been with Vertical Aerospace [since September 2021] and was previously chief strategy officer at London Heathrow Airport where I also covered various operational, sustainability, commercial and regulatory roles for over a decade.

When I had the first conversation with people from the eVTOL community some years ago, I found the idea very interesting but thought it was something a long way in the future. My view changed when I was approached to join Vertical Aerospace. I could see that the technology was coming together much faster than I had anticipated. Progress will be very rapid from the middle of this decade. ..