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Nikos Chatzis

“…The Arcsky X55 is a quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle platform with exceptional flight time and payload capabilities. One of the key differentiators of the X55 is the modularity and interchangeability of power sources.

Within seconds, the drone can go from using battery power (using the Battery Module) to hybrid gas-electric power (using the Hybrid Module). Additionally, there is a bottom-mount battery tray option that allows for top-mount payloads. With the Hybrid Module, the X55 can achieve up to 3-hour flight times and can accommodate payloads up to 6 pounds. With the Battery Module, the X55 can carry up to 20-pound payloads, for up to 23 minutes. The X55 has a universal mounting platform and rail system below the deck of the drone to allow for practically any commercial or industrial payload to be mounted and flown. The X55 can be run autonomously, with missions that can be programmed via waypoints and industry-standard ground control stations…”