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Nikos Chatzis

“…Beta Technologies’ Alia-250 is the latest eVTOL aircraft that has caught the attention of offshore helicopter operator Bristow Group. The companies confirmed that Bristow has placed a firm order for five aircraft, with the option for an additional 50.

Dave Stepanek, executive vice president and chief transformation officer of Bristow, said the company plans to use the Alia to move passengers and time-sensitive cargo as part of the development of new regional mobility networks in the U.S. and other locations.

“This order firmly positions Bristow as an early adopter and leader in pragmatically developing AAM [advanced air mobility] operations and ushering in a new era in vertical lift solutions,” Stepanek said.

The partnership with Beta is just the latest in Bristow’s plan to pursue AAM. The offshore helicopter operator also has partnerships with LiliumElroy AirOverairEve Air MobilityVertical Aerospace, and eSTOL developer Electra.aero for future aircraft orders…”