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Nikos Chatzis

“…The V.MO prototype is 11.2 meters (36.7 feet) long with a 10.6 m (34.8 ft) span. It is a lift-plus-cruise design and features eight lift rotors and two propellers for horizontal flight.

Volkswagen Group China launched the Vertical Mobility project in 2020 to explore this next generation of mobility solutions, including urban air mobility (UAM). After intensive research, conceptual work and development, the project team developed its first validation model that was unveiled as the V.MO.

The company told eVTOL.com that besides certification with the Chinese regulator, there is no parallel certification effort with other regulators, as the Chinese market and airworthiness certification will be the priority. However, the company did not rule out that the vehicle will be marketed outside China in the future…”