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“…The most recent phase of testing saw Maker flying at increasing speeds of up to 15 knots in various directions and attitudes in order to validate the crosswind capabilities of Archer’s eVTOL aircraft configuration and flight control systems.

The company said the success of these tests enables Archer to now move into the third phase of its campaign, during which it will evaluate the aircraft’s performance at increasing forward speeds. “Every flight test we conduct provides us with a treasure trove of data, validating our design and rapidly propelling us toward our vision for eVTOL air travel,” said Adam Goldstein, Archer’s CEO. “This latest milestone is truly exciting and not only reinforces the capabilities of our aircraft design, but of our highly innovative team. We’re excited to share more updates as we move the campaign even further forward in the coming months.”

Maker completed its first hover test flight in December 2021. Following extensive ground testing and the addition of Archer’s new tilt propeller system, the aircraft returned to flight testing earlier this year and has been flying almost daily, the company said. This allows the flight test team to evaluate incremental speed increases and complex maneuvers while in hover, and demonstrated the aircraft’s take-off and landing capabilities…”