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Nikos Chatzis

“…While the 2X pre-series model and VoloCity are the emblematic designs associated with Volocopter, the Bruchsal-based company has been developing a lift-plus-cruise model to expand its offering to a market beyond inner-city trips.

The company’s first flight of the VoloConnect prototype happened in May, and we reached out to VoloConnect’s chief engineer Sebastian Mores and head of public relations Helena Treeck to learn more about the program.

Mores started his career at Airbus Helicopters in the aeromechanics and loads department, doing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) work and modifications for the EC135 and EC145 helicopters. He later switched to the rotorcraft architecture department where he was in the development programs of helicopters with up to seven tons mass.

He was one of the founding participants in the CityAirbus program in 2014-15 which was an interesting challenge, taking forward such a revolutionary aircraft design within a legacy aerospace company. In October 2018, he joined Volocopter and was tasked to work on the new concept for a longer-range vehicle with more payload, and heads the Munich site leading more than 100 people.

Treeck has been successfully forming Volocopter’s messaging since 2017 and has led a very open public relations campaign. The company was never shy to show and fly its products in all corners of the globe, including Dubai, Singapore and more recently, Paris. Treeck firmly believes that public acceptance is one the main bricks needed to kick off and sustain this industry.