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Nikos Chatzis

“…Big figures surrounding the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry have increasingly dominated headlines over the last year, painting a picture that is bound to impress. Yet many complexities regarding the reality of getting AAM off the ground have yet to be solved for Australia.

Globally, new investments amounting to US$7 billion poured into the industry in 2021, more than double the total investment secured by the industry in the last decade, according to a McKinsey & Company analysis. Five AAM companies went public last year with a combined market capitalization of US$10.7 billion, and demand spiked in tandem, signaling increased engagement from a variety of players, as aircraft orders placed totaled 6,850, worth US$26.1 billion.

Activity across the global AAM market is reaching fever pitch. Today, it is no longer a matter of “if” this will happen, but “when.” For the Australian market, AAM could unlock a whole host of applications for logistics, disaster relief, medical evacuations, surveillance and security operations, as well as overland and water transport. The eVTOL industry started to move beyond renderings and conceptualization, toward real-world deployment that connects users with the technology…”