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Nikos Chatzis

“…Whisper Aero is taking a pragmatic path with its Whisper Drone and Whisper Jet platforms, according to CEO Mark Moore, based on technology that operates without the need for new infrastructure or business models.

The company is “focused on conventional take-off and landing aircraft that can achieve breakthrough capabilities, without requiring billions of dollars of investment in vertiports in expensive downtown locations,” Moore told eVTOL.com. The company is therefore deploying its technology through a drone design, as well as a nine-passenger commercial aircraft that can utilize existing aviation infrastructure.

Whisper Aero’s aircraft are built around next-generation propulsors, designed to be ultra-quiet and efficient. In an interview with eVTOL.com, Moore said the system does not require fly-by-wire technology or complex, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration-approved software, though he declined to provide further technical details, citing confidentiality.

According to Moore, its Whisper Jet “can be built now with existing batteries. It can achieve really low total operating costs and compete extremely well with existing products … In fact, we’re confident that our performance and our acoustics are transformative in this nine-passenger market segment, that no aircraft can be as fast, efficient, or achieve the total operating costs that the Whisper Jet is able to achieve.

Whisper Aero was recently selected as one of 11 companies that will move onto the next phase of the AFWERX HSVTOL Concept Challenge, a joint effort between the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Air Force…”