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Nikos Chatzis

“…As we speak, Ferrovial Vertiports is working to create vertiport networks in two locations on two different continents, with plans for more networks in years to come.

The company has a planned network of 10 or more vertiports across South and Central Florida and another of at least 25 vertiports in the United Kingdom. Each vertiport will be integrated in its host city and adapted to the surrounding environment in terms of using local green energy sources and more.

These activities build on the strengths of its parent company, Ferrovial, which was founded in 1952 and has become one of the world’s leading transportation infrastructure developers and operators.

We recently caught up with Kevin Cox, who was appointed Ferrovial Vertiports’ new CEO in late 2021. This is an exciting position for Cox at a very exciting point in the history of air transportation. Here are some of his perspectives on Ferrovial Vertiports’ plans, and his vision for the development of urban air mobility (UAM).