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Nikos Chatzis

“…The Embraer spinoff Eve Urban Air Mobility has announced a partnership with Falko Regional Aircraft that includes a potential order of up to 200 of Eve’s eVTOL aircraft.

The eVTOL developer announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the commercial regional aircraft leasing company. Along with the potential eVTOL orders, the partnership will allow Eve to tap into Falko’s existing operators to develop a global network of eVTOL operators.

Eve and Falko plan to establish a working group to develop initial urban air mobility (UAM) routes where Eve’s aircraft can be deployed. Each Falko operator that will use Eve’s aircraft will also use the company’s air traffic management software, service capabilities, and fleet operations services.

Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve, said in a press release that he believes the partnership “not only widens our potential operator base through Falko’s global customer footprint but increases our ability to provide full stack solutions through partnerships.”

Eve’s partnership with Falko was cemented by its connection to Embraer — having graduated from EmbraerX, the Brazilian aerospace company’s subsidiary dedicated to creating “disruptive innovations,” such as eVTOL aircraft and UAM. Falko has been working with Embraer since 2014, and chose Eve as its UAM partner because of Embraer’s more than five decades of experience in certifying aircraft…”