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Nikos Chatzis

“… The HAPS Alliance, an international association of cross-industry players working to enable a High-Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) ecosystem, announced the publication of its new white paper entitled “Bridging the Digital Divide with Aviation in the Stratosphere – HAPS Flight Test Results Show Path to Unlock Stratospheric Communications,” which is available as a free, downloadable document. Written by the HAPS Alliance Aviation Working Group, the authoritative paper highlights how members have been testing and improving HAPS vehicles and communication systems to bring connectivity to more people, places and things worldwide.

The aviation testing and use cases described in the white paper reveal HAPS technology’s potential to offer greater connectivity as well as support a broad range of applications, including earth observation, disaster management, mobility communications and humanitarian missions. Telecommunications, technology, aviation and aerospace companies, as well as public and educational institutions, will benefit from the paper’s information and insights.

“As the HAPS landscape and aviation ecosystem continue to evolve, so have the flight test techniques and use cases needed to unlock the stratosphere’s potential and to offer greater connectivity and support for a wide range of applications,” said HAPS Alliance Aviation Working Group Chair Andy Thurling. “A lot has changed and much has been learned over the last few years, and our white paper highlights new updates and additional use cases from Alliance members. The paper also notes how the legacy of HAPS pioneer and Alliance co-founder Loon is making new industry opportunities possible and is helping to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. We thank the HAPS Alliance Aviation Working Group members for their contributions to this paper.