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Nikos Chatzis

“…Wisk, a California-based eVTOL developer, will be displaying its fifth-generation autonomous eVTOL air taxi for the first time in the United States at the CoMotion LA in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles this week.

Up until now, the public has only seen the company’s aircraft in flight videos and photos, most recently releasing archive footage of its third-generation eVTOL aircraft’s first piloted hovering flight that was conducted back in 2016. The company said in a press release that CoMotion LA marks the start of an “enhanced public engagement effort, including both demonstrations and displays.”

“We are incredibly excited to be displaying our autonomous eVTOL air taxi for the first time in the U.S., and to kick off our broader public engagement effort,” said Becky Tanner, chief marketing officer at Wisk, who will be presenting a keynote at the event on Nov. 17. “We understand that the journey to everyday flight for everyone is not one that we can take alone, and we are proud to share with the public what we get the privilege to experience every day.”

Wisk said it has designed and developed five generations of eVTOL aircraft, completing more than 1,500 test flights since 2010. The company is currently developing its sixth-generation aircraft.

Along with Wisk, CoMotion LA will also feature other eVTOL developers, including Volocopter, Hyundai, and Lilium, among others.