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Nikos Chatzis

“…On September 15, 2021, Textron eAviation revealed a passenger electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) concept design at a presentation provided by Rob Scholl, senior vice president for Textron eAviation, on Sept. 15, 2021 at the JetNet iQ Summit (held in the USA).

During the 2021 JetNet iQ Summit, Scholl stated that Textron has invested around $100 million to date on electric platforms and also mentioned Bell’s experience developing tiltrotors and Textron Aviation’s experience certifying and producing a range of Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft. As of October 8, 2021, we still have not found a Textron eAviation website or web page but are looking forward to its introduction on the web.

The futurist looking Textron eVTOL aircraft concept design looks like it could hold between four to six passengers, including the pilot. The aircraft has a total of six electric propellers turned by electric motors and powered by batteries. Four propellers are most likely tiltprop propellers (where the base of the propeller is the hinge tilting assembly) and there are two propellers in the rear of the aircraft solely for VTOL flight. There are to booms connected towards the middle portion of the main high wing, each holding propellers on the front of each boom, for forward and VTOL. The other two forward propellers are attached to the outer portion of the high wing. On top of the rear of the booms hold two propellers dedicated for VTOL flight, alone.

The aircraft resembles Uber Elevates eCRM-004 aircraft (eCRM = electric Common Reference Model). The aircraft possibly has larger windows than conventional aircraft which seems to be the overwhelming trend with eVTOL and hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)…”