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Nikos Chatzis

“…FlyNex and Pheno-Inspect combine their solutions to digitalize and automatize work processes in agriculture. AI-based image capturing with drones and analysis open up new opportunities for sustainable, digital farming with a simultaneous increase of yields.

Hamburg, Within the next months, as the soil gets cooler and the air gets humid, plant diseases and pest plants will be a hassle for many farming organizations. Growers need to observe the spread of diseases to take countermeasures, and plant breeders need to develop new, more tolerant varieties resistant to diseases that affect yields. Using high-resolution drone imaging combined with Artificial Intelligence, the detection of, e.g., leaf spot disease symptoms can proceed faster and even automated.

Smart Farming, meaning the optimization of work processes with digital solutions and data, is considerably growing. Field robots for sowing seeds, drones for surveying, or automated feed distribution for cows are no longer unusual. However, the potential of drones in this sector has not yet been exploited. Because of that, the tech-startups FlyNex and Pheno-Inspect worked on a solution for identifying plant diseases as soon as possible, mapping different plant species in the field, scoring plant conditions, etc…”