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“…Achieved 36 days of stratospheric flight, across two 2021 flights, proving Zephyr’s status as the only HAPS able to perform at length in the stratosphere

·         Set a new world record for absolute altitude for this class of UAS at 76,100ft.

·         Secured and exercised FAA flight approvals operating inside the US National Airspace System (NAS)

·         Demonstrated successful flight with multiple payload integrations and tested new OPAZ payload, streaming Earth observation data

·         Proved Zephyr can operationalize the stratosphere, achieving some 2,435 total flight hours and demonstrating precise stratospheric manoeuvrability and station-keeping over points on the ground.

The Airbus Zephyr S completes a successful 2021 test flight campaign in the United States.  The final Airbus solar-powered High Altitude Platform System (HAPS) flight touched down on 13th September in Arizona, USA, ending the most ambitious and successful Zephyr flight campaign to date.

The flight campaign had a clear customer focus – to demonstrate how Zephyr could be used for future operations, flying outside of restricted airspace and over airspace shared with commercial air traffic. Carrying an Optical Advanced Earth Observation system for Zephyr (OPAZ) payload, Zephyr proved its operational value to provide instant, persistent, and improved situational awareness.