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Nikos Chatzis

“…Advanced Navigation, the leading AI navigation systems manufacturer for enterprise and government, announced the release of Cloud Ground Control, a revolutionary SaaS platform enabling users to connect, monitor and control any drone from a web browser.

Cloud Ground Control allows multi-user and multi-drone connections over 4G/5G using a credit card-sized modem or a smartphone app.To remotely support the execution of drone missions, the platform offers a wide range of features including:

Multi-user and multi-drone connection
Real-time video feed and telemetry
End to end encryption
Built-in compliance Cloud storage

Cloud Ground Control is ideal for enterprises using drone fleets for emergency situations, construction, asset inspections, and mining. As a cloud-based command and control solution, it provides pilots and mission commanders with real-time situational awareness and mission control, enabling more informed decisions and efficient responses.

The platform is already used by Australian company Little Ripper to manage their drone fleet over 1000 km of coastline.“Cloud Ground Control has allowed us to gain better insights of what is happening on our beaches so our teams can make more informed decisions in emergencies,” said Jason Young, CEO of Ripper Corporation.

Developed for ease of use, it can integrate user’s custom software, machine learning capabilities, and drone peripherals into one online platform.