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Nikos Chatzis

“…Volansi, a leading Silicon Valley drone delivery company, announced it has demonstrated “unprecedented drone delivery autonomy” between naval and US Coast Guard ships, according to Volansi CEO Will Roper.

Volansi has been quietly developing ruggedised delivery services that can operate in challenging environments, including the military. On July 18, Volansi put this into practice with their VOLY 10 and 20 Series aboard a naval ship and the United States Coast Guard Cutter WILLIAM TRUMP. The company has yet to share specific details about these demonstrations.

The VOLY 10 Series is an electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone capable of carrying 10 pounds over 50 miles currently operating in the US with leading companies such as Merck and in Western Africa. The July demonstration was the VOLY 10 Series’ first application as a military logistics and surveillance solution.

The VOLY 20 Series is a much larger hybrid VTOL drone with 20 pounds of payload capacity and over 350 miles of range. The July 18 demonstration successfully graduated it to the next phase of its military contract.

“Time-sensitive logistics can be the difference-maker in military and commercial missions,” said Roper. “Volansi has demonstrated unprecedented drone delivery autonomy capable of saving time, lives and money, especially in austere environments where infrastructure is poor.”

Remote locations often lag densely populated ones in the timely delivery of critical parts or supplies. Volansi’s fleet of VTOL drones is changing this by removing limitations like runway, roadway and ground support dependence.

Volansi is a handful of few Silicon Valley companies attending the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Global Maritime Exposition, August 2-4, at the National Harbor. The company will be sharing their recent maritime successes and future vision with the Navy and Coast Guard leadership at Booth 527.