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Nikos Chatzis

“…Target Arm has launched the latest version of its Tular drone-launch technology, which the company said enables rotary or fixed-wing drones to be launched from “any moving vehicle”.

Tular v3.0 marks Target Arm’s first commercially available product, with the company claiming to have made “vast improvements” over its previous incarnations.

Jeff McChesney, CEO & founder of Target Arm, said: “I am so excited to announce Tular v3.0 and all of the new features and benefits our first commercial product includes.

“Of particular note, Tular v3.0 is now a self-contained, battery-operated platform – without reducing any of the very high cycle rates possible.

“Ryan Bigham, VP/lead engineer, and our design team have worked very closely with our customers and package delivery strategic partners (Autonodyne and Valqari) to make vast improvements over v2.5.”

Target Arm listed some of the many features of Tular v3.0, including operations from stopped or moving vehicles like ships, trucks, planes, trains and more; as well as compatibility with a wide array of different drone brands.

It can also launch and recover drones autonomously, and has improved safety compared to previous versions, even in congested areas and on highways.