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“…The UAS IP/Payload Operator is responsible for operating American Aerospace Category 3 Unmanned Aircraft System. As an IP/Payload Operator this individual will need to operate the UAS flight systems in support of the PIC/MC. Additionally, this position requires the ability to operate a various set of remote sensing payloads as required for a flight missions Scope of Work (SOW). The IP/Payload Operator must have the ability to think critically in high-stress environments, multi-task, and have the technical ability to operate complex UAS in the National Airspace.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

– This position may plan, assign, or supervise the work of others.

– This position may also function as an assistant to PIC/Mission Commander.

– This position requires in-depth understanding of remote sensing techniques and the ability to effectively utilize payload capabilities for data collection purposes.

– The IP/Payload Operator reports to a designated PIC/Mission Commander


– Ability to comprehensively prepare pre-mission planning documents

– Flight Planning prior to flight operations as per specific Scope of Work (SOW) for operation

– Ability to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

– In-depth understanding of aviation regulations with a focus on unmanned aircraft operations

– Document pre-and post-flight logs

– Check UAS before a flight to ensure safe and proper operation

– Analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights

– Monitor aircraft during flight

– Navigate aircraft in dynamic flight situations

– Perform equipment testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance

– Support flight operation logistics

– Operate specific payloads as per pre-determined payload operating procedures