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Nikos Chatzis

“…Northrop Grumman has unveiled a new unmanned air vehicle concept called the Model 437 that is aimed at the US Air Force’s Skyborg programme and other international loyal wingman development efforts.

Northrop Grumman on Sept. 8 unveiled the Model 401 aircraft, built by the Burt Rutan-founded, Northrop Grumman-owned Scaled Composites for an unnamed “very generous” customer in the words of Scaled Composites President Cory Bird.

The two manned, unpressurized aircraft built and flown by Scaled Composites test pilots over the last four years use Pratt & Whitney  JT-15D engines and have a ceiling of 25,000 feet, gross weight of 7,500 pounds, and a 2,000 pound payload capacity.

The sleek, Model 401 design, which relies on a simplified mechanical flight control system, is to serve as the progenitor of an unmanned Model 437 aircraft to meet U.S. Air Force and other customer requirements for ISR and strike aircraft that can survive in highly contested environments