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“…The Gannet Glide Drone (GGD) is a 1.6kg air-launched extended-range precision payload delivery system, capable of deployment at the dismounted combat level. Launching from manned or unmanned platforms such as the Cerberus UAS, the GGD is designed with a modular payload bay that accepts electronic warfare systems, communications nodes, parachutes, and kinetic effects. The system can be integrated into any aerial platform to provide a cost-effective swarmed effects solution, with a 10:1 glide ratio to extend the standoff distance to a target. The range of delivery varies depending on launch altitude. Launched from the Cerberus UAS, the GGD can deliver effects on target out to 1-3km from the launch platform and 3-5km from the operator. A high-grade MEMS Inertial Navigation System will provide minimal drift for operations in GPS-denied environments. Stealth operations are also possible with an acoustically silent design and RF silent option. Skyborne CEO Dr Michael Creagh says, “The initial phase of the GGD program is almost complete and will culminate in a series of flight trials in Q3 and Q4 2021. We’re excited to expand the Cerberus system’s utility and expand our product lineup. The adaptable nature of the GGD system being modular in payload and launch vehicle agnostic lends itself to a multitude of mission profiles and capabilities…”

Skyborne Technologies - Cerberus PlatformSkyborne Technologies - Cerberus Platform

The Cerberus GLH is the next generation tactical-level aerial fire support UAS. Designed to be the first man-packable multiple-shot UAV on the market, the Cerberus GLH provides operators with up to 30 minutes of flight endurance, 5 shots of 40mm rounds (selectable) and VTOL launch capabilities. / https://www.skybornetech.com/cerberus-glh