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Nikos Chatzis

“…The question the founders of Venture Aerospace asked a little over two years ago was: is sticking with convention enough?

Will the technologies of the past several decades be suitable to realize the potential of drones?

Can we find better methods and materials that will be purpose built for the industry?

Their background spans back to NASA where they participated in many experiments focused on designing technologies that would need to function in space. Some of these were used by board member and advisor, veteran astronaut, Scott Parazynski. Because we can only approximate the conditions in space, much of the technology they helped to develop was used for the first time in space—there was little room for error. They left NASA with a methodology on how to experiment, test, and prove the efficacy of new inventions, a methodology that they have leveraged throughout their careers and have passed down to the lead engineer—Sasha Mela. Fresh out of college with an Aerospace engineering degree from Illinois Tech in Chicago, Mela discovered a different environment at Venture Aerospace than her peers. Venture encouraged her to build and experiment, to test conventional thoughts and validate her findings, while also providing her with the tools and skills to turn ideas into products…”