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“…The Advanced Air Mobility project’s National Campaign will promote public confidence and accelerate the realization of emerging aviation markets for passenger and cargo transportation in urban, suburban, rural, and regional environments.

NASA views the term “Advanced Air Mobility,” or AAM, to encompass developing and deploying aviation in transformative and innovative manners in order to provide aerial mobility in ways not typically seen today.

NASA’s vision for AAM is that it:

  • Is safe, sustainable, accessible, and affordable aviation for transformational local and intraregional missions.
  • Includes the transportation passengers and cargo as well as aerial work missions, such as infrastructure inspection or search and rescue operations.
  • Includes local missions of about 50-mile radius in rural or urban areas, and intraregional missions of up to a few hundred miles that occur between urban areas, between rural areas, or between rural and urban areas.

To help make AAM a reality for the United States, NASA will begin hosting a series of activities called the AAM National Campaign in 2022…”