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Nikos Chatzis

“…Swoop Aero is launching its most advanced aircraft – the Kite.  But it is only one cog that makes the wheel turn in the advanced technology platform, which provides the full technology stack, including hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure, real-time tracking, supply chain data, capture, and analytics are provided within an integrated technology platform. Bringing together the best learnings of unparalleled operational and real-world experience from Swoop Aero’s ‘Kookaburra’— the existing aircraft that has clocked up 10,000 flights and counting— the Kite is built to unlock the skies above cities. This means that the Kite is capable of true airspace integration bringing a step change to breadth and scope of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Services (RPAS) operations, and positioning Swoop Aero as the Qantas of drone logistics. This is supported by reciprocal Type Certification activities in Europe and Asia-Pacific to ensure that Swoop Aero can mobilise operations anywhere, anytime. The Kite has been developed by Swoop Aero’s highly skilled and experienced team of Australian-based engineers to accommodate swi and sustainable manufacture and production requirements to scale effectively with the unique needs of impact-driven organisations across the world…”