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Nikos Chatzis

Οι εταιρίες Insitu, Robot Aviation και Andøya Space συνεργάζονται για την ανάπτυξη ενός οικοσυστήματος μη επανδρωμένου οχήματος για το ειδικό περιβάλλον της Αρκτικής και της Βόρειας Θάλασσας. Το σύστημα αυτό, θα έχει τόσο αμυντικές χρήσεις (NATO, NORDEFCO) όσο και πολιτικές χρήσεις…

“…Insitu has partnered with Robot Aviation and Andøya Space to develop the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) ecosystem in the Arctic and High North. The companies plan to offer products and services optimized for the harsh environments north of the Arctic Circle where many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) allies routinely operate. The Insitu ScanEagle UAS has flown more than 1.3 million hours in extremely challenging conditions around the world. The partnership with the two Norwegian companies will synergize each company’s capabilities and experience to offer solutions for both the defense and commercial sectors. The alliance will also seek to collaborate with other like-minded companies, research institutions and academic organizations that can add value to the economy in North Norway…”