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Nikos Chatzis

H ΗΕNSOLDT προωθεί ταχύτατα την ανάπτυξη ενός συστήματος προειδοποίησης αποφυγής συγκρούσεων για χρήση τόσο σε πολιτικά, αλλά και σε στρατιωτικά drones, γύρω από τον κεντρικό ρόλο ενός αισθητήρα ραντάρ (radar sensor)…

“…Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is vigorously pushing ahead with the development of a collision warning system for civil and military drones. After the radar sensor as the core element of a collision warning system was already successfully tested in flight as part of the ProSA-n (military) and KoKo2 (civil) study programmes, work on the software required for interaction with an autopilot is well advanced. As early as this summer, a demonstrator of the collision warning system is to prove in flight tests that the sensor performance and the software-supported avoidance logic correspond correctly with the autopilot. Since the beginning of the year, HENSOLDT has also been involved in the EUDAAS (= European Detect and Avoid System) programme, in which several European companies are developing a concept for bringing large military medium altitude/long endurance (MALE) drones, such as the Eurodrone recently released by the German parliament, into European airspace…”