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Δύο drones Sky Mantis της Evolve Dynamics θα επιχειρούν για λογαριασμό του πλοίου παράλιας περιπολίας HMS Protector του Βασιλικού Βρετανικού Ναυτικού, παρέχοντας  βίντεο υψηλής ευκρίνειας στο περιβάλλον με θερμοκρασίες υπό του μηδενός της Ανταρκτικής, διευρύνοντας περαιτέρω την επιχειρησιακή χρήση, μικρών μη επανδρωμένων εναέριων α/φων…

“…Drones will soar over the frozen wastes of Antarctica – and help guide the Navy’s sole polar research ship safely through packs of ice. HMS Protector has been assigned two small rotary wing drones, specially adapted for her unique mission in the polar extremes. Although the Devonport-based survey ship has a large flight deck, with no hangar she cannot take helicopters with her – unlike her predecessor HMS Endurance, which carried two Lynx. The two small Sky Mantis Remotely-Piloted Aerial Vehicles from Surrey firm Evolve Dynamics have been given the same numbers as the (long-retired) Lynxes 434 and 435. They can operate in sub-zero temperatures for up to an hour at a time, sending high-definition video (including 30x zoom and infrared imaging) back to their operators – all members of Protector’s 48-strong ship’s company. They were trained by the Royal Navy’s sole drone squadron, 700X, based at Culdrose near Helston, then continued to train with the 7.6kg drones at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint, much closer to the icebreaker’s home…”