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Το μη επανδρωμένο σύστημα α/φους (UAV) PD-2 πραγματοποίησε επιτυχημένη δοκιμαστική πτήση πέραν του οπτικού ορίζοντα (BVLOS) μεταδίδοντας δεδομένα τηλεμετρίας σε απόσταση περίπου 200 χλμ. από το σταθμό εδάφους, ταυτόχρονα με τη μετάδοση HD video του περιβάλλοντος εναέριου χώρου της πτήσης…

[…The endeavour to continual improvement has always moved UKRSPECSYSTEMS
to new accomplishments. A desire to provide our customers with high-end and reliable products has been
inspiring us since the very beginning. The capability of the UAV to maintain a
stable connection with the ground control station on significant distances is
essential for a successful mission. Our team kept this in mind while working hard
on the PD-2 UAS enhancement. So today we are pleased to announce that the PD-2 unmanned aerial system
demonstrated almost 200 km of video and telemetry datalink range. Qualitative
Full HD video transmission in conjunction with reliable communication is crucial
while operating the UAV on long-range distances. We proudly inform you that
these vital features were available throughout the flight. The ability to switch between two communication channels in case of jamming was successfully established…]