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H Boeing Australia και η Royal Australian Air Force πραγματοποίησαν από κοινού την πρώτη πτήση του μη επανδρωμένου UAV εναέριας μάχης Loyal Wingman την 1η Μαρτίου. Το αναφερόμενο UAV ακολούθησε μία προκαθορισμένη πορεία, ενώ πραγματοποίησε μία σειρά λειτουργικών δοκιμών των συστημάτων του, σε διαφορετικές ταχύτητες  και επιχειρησιακά ύψη…

[…Boeing Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force have flown the first example of the Loyal Wingman unmanned aircraft. The fighter-like vehicle undertook its March 1 maiden flight at the RAAF Woomera base in South Australia, from where a number of UAV trials have previously taken place, notably BAE Systems’ Taranis unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator. The Loyal Wingman flew a pre-determined route at varying speeds and altitudes under the supervision of a Boeing test pilot at a ground station within the range complex. Basic flight functionality and performance were verified during the flight, which followed a series of ground tests. The vehicle had begun high-speed taxi tests at Woomera in December…]