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Nikos Chatzis

Τα συστήματα διαχείρισης εναέριας κίνησης γίνονται αναγκαία με την ενοποίηση χρήσης του εναέριου χώρου για επανδρωμένες, αλλά και μη επανδρωμένες πτήσεις, μέσω συστημάτων UTM.

[…PrecisionHawk was awarded two US patents for technology it developed for its unmanned traffic management (UTM) system. The two patents allow drones and manned aircraft to avoid each other while in flight. The patents enable collision avoidance to be in place between drones and manned aircraft by transmitting real-time flight data from drones in the air to a UTM server before and during the flight. The first patent is for the technology that takes care of sending the real-time data to the flight servers to avoid collisions. The second patent helps drone operators avoid manned aircraft by transmitting their flight plan to traffic management before the flight to see if there are potential conflicts…]