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Nikos Chatzis

Τα drone αποκτούν δραστική χρήση και στην κατάσβεση δασικών πυρκαγιών. Έτσι, ήταν επιτυχής η δοκιμή του αισθητήρα ανέμου FT205 της FT Technologies σε μη επανδρωμένο εναέριο όχημα (UAV), για την πρόληψη της εξέλιξης των δασικών πυρκαγιών στην Ανδαλουσία της Ισπανίας…

[…FT Technologies FT205 wind sensor has been used in conjunction with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to predict the progress of forest fires in Andalusia, Spain, where such fires are a regular occurrence during the summer months. Wind direction and intensity are essential pieces of information in the successful monitoring of forest fires, and help facilitate pre-emptive actions such as controlled burning in specific areas to prevent the fire from advancing. Until recently, the only way to predict the wind was by gathering data from low-altitude weather stations. Although the data is reasonably accurate, the stations are often located several kilometres from the fire front, usually within the same incident command centres that control the emergency services. Manned aircraft are able to fly above fires and provide status reports, but must cease operations during the night for safety reasons, and the lack of data during night-time hours can have disastrous consequences…]