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Nikos Chatzis

Η αμερικανική Skydio βγαίνει μπροστά με το δοκιμασμένο X2, με πολλές φιλοδοξίες για την κατάκτηση της διεθνούς αγοράς…

[…The Skydio X2 – an AI-enhanced drone made for Enterprise and First Responder use – has been recognized with an award prior to CES 2021. The virtual convention gets fully under way January 12. The CES is the biggest consumer electronics show around. And part of the excitement around the event comes from seeing the products and technologies that are recognized with awards. You always know that if it’s been singled out for attention at this show that it’s likely worth looking at. This year, the Skydio X2 drone has been recognized with a CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award…]